Cleric takes U-turn

  • Mufti Muneeb incited the public to violate the lockdown and perform congregational prayers in mosques

The cleric who played a central role in inciting the public, violating the lockdown, and coming to the mosque for congregational prayers, now takes a dramatic U-turn, saying he will perform all prayers at home during Ramazan.
Mufti Muneeb had strongly criticized the Sindh government’s decision to lockdown and announced that the lockdown would not apply to mosques. He openly challenged the government’s writ and urged the people to come to the mosque for the five daily prayers and Friday gatherings and that the mosques would also be open for Taraweeh in Ramazan.
Now, after his announcement of performing all prayers at home, it has become clear that inciting the people to revolt against the government’s decision was wrong and that he cared only for his life and health, not the people’s.

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