Google unveils Pixel 4 phones, affordable laptop

NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO/BERLIN: Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google unveiled new Pixel4 smartphones with higher quality cameras, a radar sensor to track hand gestures and faster virtual assistant on Tuesday, but the devices had no surprise features to set them apart from rivals and nix concerns about price.

The Pixel 4 phones, in two sizes, headlined a New York press event at which Google also announced its first moderately priced laptop, first wireless earbuds and upgrades to its to well-reviewed Wifi router and burger-sized smart speaker.

The fourth-generation Pixel starts at $799 for a 5.7-inch (14.5-cm) display and $899 for a 6.3-inch display, and for the first time all four major U.S. wireless carriers will offer the smartphones, beginning Oct. 24.

A new feature based on radar technology enables users to skip songs or issue other commands by waving their hands above the screen.

The phones include a telephoto lens and improved software to take photos of the night sky. Google Assistant has been deeply integrated into the device to reduce response times. – Reuters


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