Robbers loot journalist in Karachi

  • Journalists are banned from pillion riding, robbers have freedom

Despite lockdown and extra patrolling of police and Rangers, Karachi remains a stronghold of thugs and robbers. On Friday evening, two armed young men robbed a journalist at Abul Hassan Isfahani Road.

Journalist Rehan Hyder, a member of the Karachi Press Club and also a Governing Body Member Karachi Union of Journalists (Dastoor), was harassed at gunpoint and robbed of his Huawei Nova 3 mobile phone and Rs 5,800 cash. He is a Senior Sub-Editor at Business Recorder

The robbers were riding motorcycles and the incident occurred at a medical store located in A-one Apartments, Abul Hasan Isphahani Road. They also snatched money from the store’s cashier.

It is noteworthy that pillion riding is strictly banned in the city and journalists are even not allowed to ride double on the motorcycle, yet robbers have the freedom to move freely pillion riding and to rob citizens of their valuables.

Various incidents of harassment of journalists by the policemen were also reported during the current lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic.

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